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It was in Tallinn, street Teestuze; historical Volta factory was founded in Joint Stock Company Volta has acquired land in Revel and began construction of the plant, received its name from the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta; the plant began work on January 5, and was originally produced electric motors, generators, lighting systems, including equipment for the Tallinn power station. Generators produced at the Volta, gave the first electricity for homes of Tallinn in Before the revolution, the plant employed about a thousand people; in the summer of Carl Wilhelm Luter, during a trip to Berlin, died aged forty-four.

Carl Wilhelm Luther - the eldest son of Alexander Martin Luther, was the founder of a furniture factory, famous not only in the province of Estonia; after graduating from Riga Polytechnic, he worked for several years in St. Petersburg, after which he returned to his hometown. In Revel, son of the founder of a furniture factory, Luther was not only the owner of the enterprise, but also led the technical management of production; , together with his younger brother Christian, Carl Luter founded the electro-mechanical factory Volta, becoming its director; he is the author of Charles Luther Public House in Revel, Son of Schaub in Gottingen, d.

Gottingen is a university town in Lower Saxony. Grandson of Johann Schaub or Ivan Schaub b. All above data acc. Above Gustav Schaub, b. Hans Jakob m. Above baker is maybe Johannes m. Heinrich Schaub b.

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Blaise, and ca 22 km north of Fribourg. Saint-Aubin in the canton of Neuchatel, Suisse, 21 km north-east of Concise Schaub family , and 14 km south-east of Neuchatel, 19 km north-west of Fribourg; probably in the 18th cent. In he was appointed ambassador to Vienna, finally the Polish Embassy. La Tour-de-Peilz east from Lausanne, close to Villeneuve, 15 km.

The Demontet family - in Villette in the Vaud province. Villette on way from Lutry and Cully. Cully is near to Riex. La Chaux-de-Fonds 15 km north of Neuchatel. Let's look again on ambassadors in the 18th century in Poland, France, in London. Of course, it is the branch of Pilar Pilchau, which settled in Mickuny and Parnu. Karol Zbieranowski b. After spending eight months in 29 Russian prisons, Miss Letitia Bowler born ca ?

Miss Letitia Bowler was sentenced to death by the Bolsheviks, taken into the woods at night to be shot, removed back to prison, and subsequently marched from gaol to gaol, walking in all miles. In 11 years residence on the Continent, Miss Bowler had many other novel experiences She dined with the ex-Kaiser at Wurtemburg in she aged ca 19?

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She was acquainted with the Austrian Archduke Franz Fredinand, whose murder caused the war, and from the palace of the son of the Sultan Abdul Aziz at Constantinople she heard the first shot fired in the Dardanelles. She was captured by the Bolsheviks while a nurse with the Polish Army ? Tuesday, 8 March The Adelaide Register, It is also a civil parish in East Hertfordshire district, ca 35 km north of London City. The Zbieranowski family near by Lodz now. He attends reformist clubs like the Valois club.

He founded the Philalethes regime - martinism is the foundation of this new rite. He also presided over the Philosophical and Masonic Congress of Paris, in and Co-founder in to the revolution of the "The Olympic of the Perfect Estime". Deputy of the Grand Orient of France for many years, first supervisor of the Chamber of Grades in , he participated in the codification of orders of the French Rite. The last philosophical convent of philaleths was in Philaleths or philatelists which translates as: friend or seeker of truth; this regime of philosophical or mystical masonry was founded in by the Marquis Charles-Pierre-Paul Savalette of Langes in the Lodge "Les Amis Reunions".

This ritual lasted until the death of its founder in ; it had such a representatives: Saint Martin, the brothers Lavater, Ferdinand of Brunswick and Joseph de Maistre]. In , Benedict Chastanier - ca , founded Universal Society in London to disseminate Swedenborg's writing. In Chastanier and Charles Rainsford reached out to kindred Illuminist groups in Berlin and Paris by publishing a brochure in French about degrees of the Universal Society.

Chastanier was in contact with the Illumines of Avignon. He was in the closest touch with Frederick the Great, who supervised the instruction of the guard battalion. Ferdinand was one of the most intimate friends of the king. In , " Ferdinand retreated in the face of a French advance, but managed to check them with a decisive victory at the Battle of Minden. This ended the immediate French threat to Hanover, as the French army was in no condition to continue its advance".

Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick - ; Scottish Rite; he is the same Duke of Brunswick who was mentioned in Robison's secret Illuminati membership list; the patron of the Asiatic Brethern, an Illuminati offshoot. The vocation to live a few pseudo-secret organizations, very fast, with extremely strange names and rituals, names dating back to the deep Middle Ages, causes the astonishment and even awakens laughter. In the course of 50 years each of these organizations tried to take control of the other []. The United Kingdom, Russia and France sent out for supreme positions in these organizations, his trusted men, too.

Only the United Kingdom has been successful taking over control of the Scottish mysterious structures, but it was in the years A previously plan of mysterious brain was successful. From England broke away its colonies [without Canada] in the years around Blows from the inside hit in France and Poland [s] destroying the two countries; Poland disappeared from the map of the world for about years, but France survived the chaos of the Jacobin revolution and Napoleonic wars. It broke out a strange uprising in Russia, operettas and provoked, of the Decembrists, as if someone wanted to prove that Russia was not directed underground movements against Poland, Great Britain and France [and even earlier already against Bavaria; and later against the Papacy in Italy], and at the turn of the 19th and 20th century also against Turkey.

But it is Russia suffered the greatest benefits of the revolutionary turmoil in North America and France - but rather in the whole of central and Western Europe at the end of the 18th century. Discussed below mysterious organization is nothing more than the century intelligence agencies of a foreign power. Those who have studied the roots of this complex structure, the most common commit certain substantive and methodological mistakes, runs the risk of retaliatory attacks and ridicule, and even fully social ostracism.

Breguet, Louis Francois Clement b. Paris, ; d. Paris, Henriette, f. The family had converted to Roman Catholicism. Decroze, manufacturer of Saconnex watches, in the suburbs of Geneva Switzerland. In he married to Caron's daughter; , he became master horologist and he was teacher of Abraham-Louis Breguet, to whom he had a business relation over many years by Wikipedia.

Lepine's work influenced particularly Abraham Louis Breguet; Breguet almost always used Lepine calibres and then modified them. Along with Ferdinand Berthoud, Lepine was master of Breguet. As Breguet's fame gradually increased he became friendly with revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat, who also hailed from Neuchatel. Salomons' biography records that Marat and Breguet were at the house of a mutual friend one day when an angry crowd gathered outside, shouting "Down with Marat! In Marat discovered that Breguet was marked for the guillotine, possibly because of his friendship with Abbe Marie, and his association with the royal court; in return for his own earlier rescue, Marat arranged for a safe-pass that enabled Breguet to escape to Switzerland, from where he travelled to England.

When the political scene in France stabilised, Breguet returned to Paris. In Breguet returned to Paris with many ideas for innovations in watch and clock making Paris, Frances, 22 December ; d. Paris, 27 October Louis's father, Antoine, became Abraham's partner in From to he worked with Barral in Geneva. Then again in Paris, Louis worked on naval chronometers. In , the enterprise was organized into a company and turned over to Louis Breguet and two other partners, one of whom was a cousin. After Louis Breguet turned to making electrical instruments; his first electric clocks date from In he devised a thermometer that registered temperature electrically, and recorded a temperature of C at Kazan, Russia.

Work on induced currents with Antoine Masson in In Breguet created, for Francois Arago, an apparatus with a revolving mirror, used in Fizeau's experiments. Metal thermometers, barometers, and manometers. An aluminum helicopters for Antoine Penaud, a pioneer in aeronautics. In Cornelius Roosevelt, representing Bell in Paris, put the Breguet firm in charge of setting up the French telephone system. Above Charles Frederic Perret b. Above Reinhold von Ludinghausen Wolff. The Kurmen estate belonged to Kaczynski of Upita in the 17th cent. Dorothea Engelhardt m. Ludinghausen-Wolff were living in Mitau in Courland.

General Frederick Augustus of Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel b. Mentioned Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick ie. Ferdinand, Prince of Brunswick-Luneburg b. By Nesta H. By Wikipedia: " As such, his half-brother was Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, the duc de Penthievre and single richest man in France prior to the revolution. Above Lord Harnouester, by Henry Dana Ward in in Lord Harnouester, an Englishman, resident in Paris, presided over the lodges of that city, which then were held, one with Goustard, an English stone cutter Dr Michael Andrew Ramsay performed the duty of Orator.

Lord Harnouester resigned and he was returned home in Pierce Butler b. Christopher Nugent, Lord Delvin d. He was succeeded by his brother, Thomas Nugent, 4th Earl of Westmeath. Edward, born at Waterford on 27 Feb. Stefania Julia Radziwill Princess, b. Stefania Julia Radziwill, ? Grandparents: Dominik Oskierka; Salomea Gizycka b. Franciszka Butler 1st, nee Szczuka, b. The son of Marek Antoni Butler. The family close to Mikolaj Radziwill. Son of Aleksander Butler [b. He accompanied the king also in an expedition to Spain in and was taken with him by Cardinal Richelieu in France. Lady Jane Douglas was the sister of Duke of Douglas.

Named James Douglas, 2nd Marquess of Douglas b. The surname Ormonde was first found in the ancient territory of Ormond now parts of County Kilkenny, Wexford and north Tipperary. Robert Kerr, 1st Marquess of Lothian, b. The second surviving son of Charles I, he ascended the throne upon the death of his brother, Charles II. James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales b. He had two sons: 1. Charles Edward Stuart b. Henry Benedict Stuart b. Songhurst: Grand Masters in France - beginning in - and the two first names placed, in the preceding yearbooks, on the list of Grand Masters, ie.

Lord Derwentwater in , and Lord Harnouester in The arrest of many freemasons in France in Duke d'Antin claimed the Grand Master before In in France was more than Lodges. Placed under the obedience of the Grand Lodge to the Three Globes of Berlin, it was extinguished around already and one knows practically nothing of it or of its members.

But the Freemasons had not disappeared from the Principality. Between the influences emanating from the masonic entourage of the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great, himself a Freemason, and the French Border Loges, Freemasonry was soon to regain official footing on the Neuchatel soil. Their letter of constitution had been granted by the Grand Lodge of France. But this Grand Lodge was considered irregular in the face of the only competent authority recognized, the Grand Orient of France. And the new installation of the Lodge Locloise took place in August Freemasonry of the Lodge "Good Harmony", proposes to give tools to manage and create a reflection outside the structures established by the society.

These tools allowed Freemasons to work together despite our cultural, religious and social differences. Petersburg, then Greece, Egypt and Constantinople. Naturalized in the Vaud canton. Born , d. Paul Coulon had also son Louis-Auguste Coulon - author of the memories. Etienne, on June 3, He entered the same year as an associate in the house of Pourtales. He gave it to his younger brother Stephen. Paul Coulon came to settle in Neuchatel after his marriage.

He acquired the bourgeoisie in and was lodged in the house of Mr Jeremiah Pourtales, father of his partner. Paul Coulon had four children and bought the house and possession Brun in the suburb of Neuchatel, but the withdrawal was made in the same year by Captain Brown, who had married a rich widow. Paul Coulon died in Jean Philippe Garran de Coulon, lawyer in Paris. Jean Philippe Garran de Coulon took part in the agitation preceding the meeting of the States General and was elected alternate member of the Third Estate of Paris. Member of the first and the second Paris Commune, he directed the Research Committee - the police, and presented the insurrection on 14 July as the member of conspiracy.

Maleszewski Piotr had known J. Garran de Coulon, who had daughters: 1. Above Louis Charles Breguet was born January 2, in Paris; he was son and grand-son of physicists, he started the family business in at Douai Nord by building a 'gyroplane', the first rotary wing aircraft, considered the ancestor of the helicopter. He built his first aircraft in , which broke the speed record for 10 km in Breguet, Louis Francois Clement, b. His grandfather, Abraham, from Neuchatel, was one of the best-known clockmakers of Paris; his shop was established ca After spending some time in Neuchatel with his godfather when he was about eight, Louis was apprenticed to Perrelet, in Versailles, for two years, and then joined his father and grandfather.

From to he worked with Barral in Geneva, upon his return to Paris worked on naval chronometers. Finally, in , the enterprise was organized into a company and turned over to Louis and two other partners, one of whom was a cousin. After Breguet turned to making electrical instruments, particularly precision apparatus. His first electric clocks date from Louis Charles Breguet b. Maria Nelly Wickham, ca Above Eugene Alexis Girardet, b. His father was the engraver Paul Girardet Paul Girardet , French painter, was living in New York, Karl Girardet, of Le Locle close to Neuchatel, b.

Charles Samuel Girardet, b. Le Locle 21 km north-west to Neuchatel. It was founded by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris in Abraham-Louis Breguet b. Originally Prussian Abraham Louis Breguet began his career as a watchmaker but also a physicist. His son Louis-Antoine Breguet. His ancestry was French but his family were Protestants so they fled to Switzerland after Edict of Nantes in In Breguet returned to Paris. Circa Breguet brought in his son, Louis-Antoine born as a business partner, and from this point the firm became known as Breguet et Fils. He sent his son to London to study with the great English chronometer maker, John Arnold.

Sandokan - 21 - The Kidnapping of Mariana

It is located few kilometres south of the French border. Its growth and prosperity is mainly bound up with the watch making industry. It is the most important centre of the watch making industry in the area known as the Watch Valley. He attended the College of Vevey, where he was a professor; Lausanne, d'Ardon, south-east of Villeneuve. Emile Burnat, a Nant-sur-Vevey, M.

Wilczek from Lausanne and M. Duflon from Villeneuve. Villette or Lavaux is located close to Lutry and Cully. L'Abbaye, is a municipality in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, town from where the Breguet family Antoine b. Duflon, b. Duflon, a Swiss 'Breguet' Company representative he was very young, only aged 23 , was Stefan Drzewiecki friend the Polish family from the Volhynia government , and circa was searching of the structure of a dromoskop.

Dyuflon sometimes was invited to have breakfast with Drzewiecki. Died before Riex from Lutry 5 km distance only and east of Lausanne, 10 km. The Duflon family nest in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland is to the west of Lausanne: Aubonne and Morges, where Duflon family was living in the 17th cent. Riex close to Lavaux in Switzerland. The Duflon surname has ancienne origin: de Fluvio. Villette in the Vaud province. Villette or Lavaux close to Lutry and Cully. Vaud is the third largest of Swiss cantons by population and fourth by size.

It located in the French-speaking western part of the country. They owned the electrical company since the Petrograd State Machine-Building Plant 'Electric'; in , the factory designed the first Soviet welding generator. The house No 14 in - factory building for 'The Russian Society of the wireless telegraph and telephone', in created Central Radio Laboratory - here was located the center of the main domestic radio industry L. Mandelstam, N. Papaleksi, D.

Rozhanskii, V. Rita Irene Heynrihovna b. Above named Starych Siedych Victor Konstantynowicz born , in service since , an officer since , 'ensign' that is praporschik by Admiralty, in the North - Western Army of White movement enlisted on May 20, and in December at the headquarters of the 4th Infantry Division. Petersburg but on June the 14th, they lived in the town of Viljandi.

Rita Irene, was daughter of Heinrich. On January 10, or in Tallinn - was a funeral of the union officers leader, a reserve captain Baldwin - Heinrich Dunkel. He had died in prison. Granddaughter was Sabine from Riga, the Sedykh family relatives. After Irene's death from Tallinn brought some pictures, among them there were, pre-revolutionary. Tamara Bender - married in California to Gerald J. Gerald J. He has visited Angola at least times every year since the county became independent in and is currently engaged in a project to study and reduce the incidence of AIDS in the Angolan Armed Forces.

Bender, Gerald J. Tamara L. Bender was born on March 23, [? Tamara D. Bender in Bakersfield, California. Tamara Lynn Bender in Birmingham, Alabama. A supporter of independence from Britain, Pinckney served in the American Revolutionary War, rising to the rank of brigadier general. Wife of Henry Home, Lord Kames. He had a son George Stirling Home Drummond b. Mentioned Jean Home born ca. Married to Patrick Heron; divorced in ; she was exiled to France by her parents; In , Boswell had a long conversation with Lady Kames about Jean. James Boswell had affair with Jean in - at Kirroughtrie.

They divorced in following Jean's adulterous affair with a young officer. She married Patrick Heron. She was the composer of an air, 'The Banks of Cree'. Above 8th Earl of Dundonald, Thomas Cochrane, - , was a Scottish nobleman, army officer and politician. He was Member of Parliament for Renfrewshire. His cousin, William Cochrane, 7th Earl. We back to John Dundas Cochrane, d.

An illegitimate son of Scottish adventurer Andrew Cochrane-Johnstone. Andrew James Cochrane-Johnstone b. The youngest son of above Thomas Cochrane, 8th Earl of Dundonald b. Note: John Cochrane was in in Irkutsk. Charles Stuart Cochrane b. In he was elected MP for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

He was inherited by his only surviving child, Mary d. Lieutenant general in When her father died in , she inherited his estates, and John changed his name to Heron-Maxwell. It opened in November and folded in John Cochran, at journey from St. Petersburg across Siberia to Kamchatka, married in to the Siberian girl and returned to England and published an interesting book about his journey in Philadelphia and Edinburgh , Weimar, , Jena, , Vienna, Kotchoubey suspected him of being a spy, in a letter to Speranskii in ; Cochran is called "the British fleet service captain" and 'Englishman Cochran took foot journey across Siberia'; and returned to England, acc.

Captain John Dundas Cochrane, d. John Dundas Cochrane died in in Valencia, Colombia. Above mentioned Andrew James Cochrane-Johnstone b. The youngest son of Thomas Cochrane, 8th Earl of Dundonald b. Above named Thomas Cochrane, 8th Earl of Dundonald b. And 2. Jean-Michel Venture de Paradis in , as interpreter in Sidon, and in in Cairo, until , making a number of services to politics and commerce of France. Digeon Victoria next of kin? Jean-Michel Venture de Paradis returning to France to report to Cabinet on the art of Egypt, had to leave for Marseilles, to accompany Barone Tott, who inspected the French warehouses in ports of the Levant, Cairo.

This mission taken two years. In Venture was in Tunis, where he remained for five years as interpreter for the Consulate of France; recalled in Paris, as Secretary of interpreters of the East; then posted in Algiers, in order to renew the treaties between France and Algier, in returned to France; again in as Secretary - interpreter, together with the French ambassador to Constantinople; he was arrested in Switzerland at the hands of the Austrians; had expected to Venice ?

When Napoleon undertook the expedition to Egypt, Venture de Paradis was appointed primary interpreter. During the stay in Egypt, he was appointed member of the Institut of Egypt since its founding, on August 22, at the section of literature and the arts. He gone with the emperor in Syria, but during the siege of Acre fell ill of dysentery, in the convent of Nazareth, died during the retreat, or he was transferred to Egypt.

Venture de Paradis was one of the most famous Arabists of the time, not only for his languages, but also for his perfect knowledge of the habits and customs of the eastern populations. She was also wife of Piotr Pawel Jan Maleszewski. Russian prince Alexander Troubetzkoy in bought a property for Maria Taglioni, a prima ballerina.

During the 's Marie Taglioni resided in London. Later she moved with her son and his family to Marseilles, where she died in Grandfather Pierre Paul Alexandre born The underground structure of the Illuminati Order has clearly defined objectives at the beginning of the 20th century: 1. His proselytism did not please the king who sent him away. Castle of Mont-Thabor, Bedarrides: Pernety left Berlin in November , accompanied by the count, "returned to Avignon and accepted, at the end of , the invitation of the Marquis de Vaucroze, a wealthy landowner in Bedarrides, who said he was ready to welcome them to his home, in one of his properties, the "Temple of the Mount" Thabor.

The name Mont Thabor was given by Don Pernety, the founder of the sect of Illumines of Avignon: at the property he planted trees coming from the Israeli mountain, Mont Thabor From the place became a "Relais de Diligence", a place to stay for travellers. These fraternal feasts brought together more than a hundred people. Arrested, Pernety was quickly released on the personal intervention of citizen Francois Poultier Bedarrides of Marquis de Vaucroze, a wealthy landowner in Bedarrides - close to Avignon.

Le Puy: 38 km south-east to the Papal Avignon district! Grabianka back to London in and in , acc. There he entered the circle of aristocracy. Tadeusz Grabianka in found himself in Russia, i. In , the next protector of the "master" Tadeusz Grabianka, became Count August Ilinski , at whose invitation he arrived in St.

Petersburg in August He, settling in Paris, opened the building workshop; there he married Angelica daughter of Charles from Alsatie; he decided to build his commerce on the French wines trade in Russia. Once the ship crashed in the Bay of Biscay and it ruined family of Armand. But Paul soon had good commercial relations in shipping ports of south France Nice and Marseille probably.

He had an antique best wines of France in barrels, bought up at the south. Paul Armand expected to open in Moscow own wine shop. On the way to Russia, he did not know that it will suffer a financial collapse: the ship will sink with wine. After the shipwreck of wine in the Bay of Biscay, Armand transfered trade of wines to the Mediterranean ports of France, it took place perhaps during the continental blockade taken by England against Napoleon.

Then after the trade lasted maybe until the Crimean War in the 50's of the 19th century. When Paul Armand married, he did not know what would be the basis of family trade - fashionable hats at first. Next to the fashionable shop of Armand was trading house of Demonet where sold not only fashionable Parisian clothes, but also French wines, perfumes, delicacies and even lamps. Marseille, in , eldest daughter of the second marriage of the above Prince Pavel Pavlovich Demidov; Aurora m.

Odessa has paired their to Berezino, Ireland - Japan - Ceylon. His brother Edward, also a former president of the chamber of Commerce of Marseille. He is also appointed head of the Savings Bank. The company of Tuileries of the Mediterranean is creates in , by the founder from Marseille, Edward Rastoin partner with Mr. The second son of Edward, Albert Rastoin it succeeds until Rastoin is the son of an owner from Aix Provence, Bernard Rastoin, The first Rastoin oil mill was founded in Deputy Mayor of Marseille: Emile Rastoin in He was a foreign advisor to build lighthouses in Japan.

Muchalls is a small village in Kincardineshire, Scotland, south of Newtonhill and north of Stonehaven, south of Aberdeen - is the birthplace of Richard Henry Brunton; he was a railway engineer, joined the Stevenson brothers David and Thomas Stevenson who were engaged by the British government to build lighthouses.

Japan hired the Edinburgh-based firm of D. Stevenson to chart coastal waters and to build lighthouses, what begun under French foreign advisor Leonce Verny; Brunton was sent from Edinburgh in August to head the project. Verny was persuaded to go to Japan by his distant relative, French ambassador Leon Roches in September ; he briefly returned to France helped in the negotiations for the First French Military Mission to Japan. Mentioned Leon Roches b. His great rival was the British consul Harry Parkes. Francois Leonce Verny cooperated with Jules Brunet b. He was sent to Japan with the French military mission of Francois Leonce Verny also built four lighthouses in the Tokyo area, and managed the building of the shipyard at Nagasaki.

On 10 March they started trip: the Shetland Islands and Iceland; southwards towards Gibraltar, entering the Mediterranean and anchoring near Marseilles 13 May. Malta's Grand Harbour on 14 June Carsten Niebuhr had visited Malta in June - with Forsskal. The last threat came from a British warship that on 6 June was refused permission to inspect the merchant vessels in the Danish convoy. In , Cagliostro in Malta in the Pinto's laboratory. For a long time, she accompanied the French statesman Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, whereas she was the separated wife of his nephew, Edmond de Talleyrand-Perigord".

Copyright by en. For a long time, she accompanied Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord to the Congress of Vienna and after ; Charles was granted the duchy of Dino, Calabrian island, by the king of Sicily in recognition of his services at Vienna , whereas she was the separated wife m. She had illegitimate daughters: 1. Julie Zulme b. Joseph Evarist Laurent Bertulus, Dr, b. Paul Bertulus; Paul Bertulus was investigating judge in Paris when in January he received a complaint against Colonel Picquart about false telegrams and White Speranza that were sent to him to compromise.

Bertulus was a judge during the Dreyfus Affair and told with witness Christian Esterhazy, the nephew of Charles; 3. With Edmond de Talleyrand-Perigord: 1. Dorothee Charlotte Emilie de Talleyrand-Perigord b. Ludmila Korostovetz - , married to the famous traveler, Admiral P. Charles Radclyffe, Earl of Derwentwater - b. The Radclyffes were, however, also descended from Ivo de Tailbois, an illegitimate son of the Count of Anjou, and therefore descended from the Merovingian bloodline directly. Anjou, Peter, - , received the name Pyotr Fyodorov Anjou. In Anjou assigned the rank of Rear Admiral, he was appointed captain of the port of Kronstadt.

Peter Anjou married a young widow Xenia Ivanovna , whom he met in the family of Peter Ricord, countryman of Toropets. His son Peter Anjou, younger, sailed on the frigate Pallada, his grandson was the captain of the first rank and the commander of the squadron, who brought the France to sign a treaty between France and Russia in But the first of Anjou in the s was a watchmaker. The Anjou family built in Moscow a house, between and Admiral Peter Fedorovich Anjou, was the great friend of Wrangell.

Vyshny Volochyok, located close to Borkovo, ca 80 km north of Torzok; 85 km north-east of Kuvshinovo; km north-west of Tver. He was born in Wrangel, mother Charlotte P. He graduated from the Imperial Alexander Lyceum. After the revolution, remained with his family to live on the farm, on February 21, shot at the front of his mother, wife and four young children.

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A day later, the body was buried in the village near Raskulitsy Church. The family of Friedrich Wilhelm von Sivers b. Son of Frenchman Jean-Andrian Anjou, a watchmaker, b. The Anjou family settled in Russia in a provincial town Vishny Volochek. Anjou, Peter, - , received the name Pyotr Fyodorov son Anjou. In Fedor Anjou received the right to acquire the hereditary nobility [compare Paul Armand]. In , Peter made a midshipman. She died before in Puy-Sainte-Reparade. Jean d'Anjou from Pertuis, baptized at Aix in , m.

Jean Joseph Anjou; c. Puy Sainte-Reparade - ca 38 km to the Papal Avignon district. In , Peter made a midshipman, was assigned to serve on the frigate 'Avstroil' and five years later received the rank of lieutenant and appointed head of the polar expedition to study and describe the coast of Siberia.

In , this work has been successfully completed; F. Berg, whose task was to describe the north-eastern shore of the Caspian Sea and the western shore of the Aral Sea, taken Peter Anjou. A house of Rear Admiral P. Anjou is located at Yeleninskaya st. In the house of Yeleninskaya were registered under Anju Anna Ivanovna.

Anjou Ivan? Pyotr Anjou , Captain 1st rank, son of an admiral. Son of Frenchman Jean-Andrian Anjou [a watchmaker], b. Anjou Fyodor b. Born in the family of a watchmaker; in the Moscow hospital school, after graduating was soon sent abroad, studied first in Berlin and then in Gettinge where in received degree of doctor; - in Moscow province, enlisted in Vishny Volochek in to ; he received the hereditary nobility; his son Peter Anjou, Peter F.

His grandfather was a native of France, a Protestant. Persecuted for their faith; Peter's father, Fyodor, was a doctor. His friend Baron Ferdinand Wrangell. His son Peter sailed on the frigate Pallada, his grandson was the captain of the first rank and the commander of the squadron, who brought the France to sign a treaty between France and Russia in Military glory of Peter F. Anjou gained in the battle of Navarino with the Turks.


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He commanded the artillery of 'Gangut'; in this battle on the flagship 'Azov', under the M. Lazareva, were young officers P. Nakhimov, V. Istomin and V. All three admirals. Year after Navarino, , Peter Anjou married a young widow Xenia Ivanovna , whom he met in the family of Peter Ricord, countryman of Toropets.

In this marriage born three sons and three daughters: Ludmila, in marriage Steinheil; Fedor , Marine Corps cadet; Peter sailed on the frigate Pallada - home in St. He was buried at the Smolensk Lutheran Cemetery with his father. Japan, Korea Peninsula. In service since , on ships of the Baltic Fleet in the Atlantic Ocean in , officer , - leads hydrography near the Korean coast, going to the Pacific Ocean on the frigate Pallada; - leads hydrography Ladoga and Onega lakes ; Alexander, died in Anjou Vladimir Ivanovich, Captain 2nd class in , born , in service since , midshipman , the war with Japan - , senior officer of the gunboat Hivinets - , Europe - and Cupid The commander of the destroyer Valiant - ; speaks English, French, German and Italian; orthodox, married, one daughter Anjou 1st Peter Ivanovich, Captain 1st class, , born ; in service since , hydrographic office of the Naval Academy , cruiser Ukraine - and the cruiser Stormbreaker - ; orthodox, married, one daughter Anjou Xenia, emigration , she was the participant of the White Movement.

Anjou Olga D. He was crucial in crushing the Polish January Uprising in Sangaste is located in Valga County, 5 km south-east of Keeni, 2 km south-east of Tiidu, ca 22 km north-east of the Latvian border, in southern Estonia. His stepson Friedrich Georg Magnus Berg b. Alexandre Mortier was born in - Paris; d. Francois was the son of Pierre Mortier b. Andrzej Ignacy Oginski: b. With the fall of the French empire and of its Murat's appendage in Naples, the Italian Freemasonry fell in a deep crisis.

He served as prior and doctor of the Sorbonne and provost of the church of Strasbourg. By Wiki: " Roehenstart was later a passive Jacobite claimant to the British throne". Count di Cagliostro. He wanted to reform the Freemason movement. December - Paris; ie. He died in in Chatellerault. Vasily Troubetzkoy, general of cavalry, member of the State Council, born and died His granddaughter Margarita, b. Next granddaughter: Maria, b. He was the son of Hercule Meriadec de Rohan, prince de Guemene.

Korff" or "Korff Roehenstart. Colonel Charles 2nd m. Mariage in in Montargis. Montargis is a commune in the Loiret department in north-central France on the Loing river. The town is located about km south of Paris. Josif Josifovich Hurko-Romeyko, d. Jozef Hurko, d. Johann Otto Friedrich Baron von Medem, - Half brother of [see also below! At margin: 1. Ex-husband of Wilhelmine von Biron. The grandson of Jules Hercule Meriadec de Rohan b. Recke, ie. Elisa von der Recke - ; she will be the future author, German writer and poet. After her father had remarried in , Elisa lived again in his house, where her stepmother Agnes Elisabeth von Brukken tried to give her a general education.

In , Elisa von Medem married the chamberlain Georg Magnus von der Recke, for reasons of status; she was divorced in She worked as a diplomat for her half-sister, the Duchess Dorothea of Courland. Aleksandr Josifovich Hurko, b. Zofia Vasilievna Vonliarliarska, b. Miljejkova close by current border, Kozuchowicze - i. Koshuchowitschi in Russia now, Polachowszczyzna, Jurginow and Pietrowicze i. Petrovici estate - ha.

Already in the years , Polish officers in the headquarters led the Russian Army in the Balkans, and they met with the problems of Russian imperialism and the problems of small nations in Transcaucasia and the Balkans. General Jozef Hurko born in , was a student in ; participant of the Crimean War Then a commander of the 2nd Division of the Guard. In the Russo-Turkish War , he was commanding the Division from June , he made a march - maneuver for the Balkans commanded by Aleksandr Puzyriewski , for which he was promoted to general-adjutant.

He came from a noble family from the Polish province of Vitebsk. He served the army as Petyhorski's lieutenant before Recommended by the general-governor of Kurland, Peter Ludwig von Pahlen, on the newly created position of vice- governor of the Kurland Governorate. The nomination was issued by Tsarina Catherine II. In addition to the estates in the Courland province, Jozef Hurko-Romejko, junior, also owned estates in the Mogilev Governorate, in the Orsza county.

He died in Kratowsza, in belonged to the Mikulino Rudnia parish. Burnejko in the Mohylew province. Babinowicze, the Orsza county; by the Werchita River. In , she sold the Chodun estate in the hands of the Order of Jesuits.

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Verevkin, T. The Illuminati - along with Freemasonry and other secret societies - were outlawed through edict, by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, in , , and In Starck went to Mitau [Courland; at margin see Komorowski] and took place here as professor of philosophy until when he back to Darmstadt. Petersburg in , while teaching in St. He helped found a Strict Observance lodge at Wismar , returned to St. Petersburg in , presumably on freemasonry business, back in Konigsberg in where he lived next door to Immanuel Kant. Justynian Szczyt married in to Anna Tukowicz, d.

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Kazimierz Szczyt, the monk. Justynian died in , and he was buried in Prozoroki. Above Justynian Niemirowicz-Szczytt junior, b. Jan Szadurski [Jan Szadurski d. Dorota and Jan Szadurski had a daughter Barbara Szadurska m. Jozef or Tomasz Morykoni b. Kolyszko Kolysko Adam , insurgent in , a member of the parliament; acted in the area of Wilkomierz; his mother came from a noble Lithuanian family Morykoni, who came from Italy, farming in the property of Palisze in area of Wilkomierz. Michal Lisiecki was born in Porakiszki. He finished high school in Kiejdany.

In , he studied at the University of Wilno; he graduated with the degree of law candidate. He was an officer in the Russian army, he was dismissed and lived in Vilnius, where he participated in a secret youth organization. In , he was ordered to organize an uprising in the region of Rakiszki and on the border with Courland. The branch was organized in Solachy [? A member of the Andrzej Mokronowski confederation and a member of parliament in from the Wilkomierz county; member of Parliament in A member of the conspiracy in Lithuania, preparing the outbreak of Kosciuszko Uprising.

Member of the Lithuanian Government. In he was a member of the Secret Deputation. Tadeusz Billewicz, senior, b. Note: Antoni Bulhak b. Also Justynian had 4 daughters: Barbara m.

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Count Karol Przezdziecki; Jozefa m. Kajetan Swirski; Tekla. Justynian Szczyt married 2nd to Kazimiera Woyno-Jasienski d. With 4 children: Jozef Szczyt, the Russian Court official, m. Franciszka Doktorowicz-Hrebnicki, the mother of Ewelina Szczyt m. Jan Szczyt, d. Anna Bobrowski; and Dorota m. Konstanty Radziwill, Duke, ie. Stanislaw Radziwill b. The father of Anna Olimpia Mostowski. Stanislaw had the daughter Franciszka Teofila Radziwill. Named Franciszka Teofila Soltan nee Radziwill, b. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. Malta was visited in by unknown chemist.

Swedish naturalist - Pehr Forsskal, , visited Malta in Cagliostro had the first Masonic initiation in the Lodge de Saint Jean d'Ecosse, in the eastern part of Malta - again in in the lodge No. Above Lodge in Malta also became involved with the Illuminati Order. Raimondo di Sangro, Prince of Sansevero b. See below! He was educated at the Jesuit College in Rome. He joined the secret brotherhood of the Rosicrucians, where he was initiated into ancient alchemic rituals. The Prince spoke several European languages, as well as Arabic and Hebrew.

He was head of the Neapolitan masonic lodge. In , in front of a Roman tribunal of the Holy Inquisition, the Count of Cagliostro claimed that all his knowledge of alchemy was taught to him many years before in Naples by "a prince who had a great passion for chemistry", In , Rino Di Stefano. The Capella Sansevero was said to have been constructed on an old temple of Isis, and di Sangro was said to have been a Rosicrucian.

Most important masonic symbols of the Sansevero Chapel are: Disillusion's Bas-relief - a work by Francesco Queirolo dating back to the mid, is dedicated to Raimondo's father, Antonio di Sangro. The place in the background is the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, a place of christian but also masonic importance because the initiating tradition of Hiram's myth was born there. Above Torremaggiore is a town in the province of Foggia in the Apulia, region of southeast Italy. Ernest Lord Burghersh, b. It is hereditary noble family.

Nola in Italy. Luigi Scotti Douglas d. Nola, north-east of Napoli, ca 23 km. Chala bagundi. Chadavalsina novels anni panichekuntu vinachhu.. Most welcome madam…cool and lovely…. Naku Ala modalindi movie la anipistundi madam. I love that movie and I love your stories always. Nenu chadivinapatikana meeru cheptune vinatam Chala Chala vinasompuga undi. Thank you so much for writing this novel and uploading here. I'm really speechless.

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