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  1. Christmas Star Ornaments to Make
  2. 32 Homemade Christmas Ornaments That'll Fill You With Joy
  3. 32 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments - How To Make DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Instead of opening a flimsy cardboard box, hang up a DIY Advent calendar on a ladder or the tree. Decorated muslin craft bags conceal treats, toys, and messages from Santa—and you can fill them again next year, too. Transform plain paper into a white dove with just a few folds and snips. Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping.

You'll be popping the kernels inside the glass bulbs, so wait until they've cooled to handle. Get the tutorial at Crafts a la mode. Get the tutorial at One Artsy Mama. Get the tutorial at Live Craft Eat.

Christmas Star Ornaments to Make

These shimmery ornaments get their twinkle from a coat of glitter, so there's no chance of one burning out. Get the tutorial at Country Living. Office supplies FTW!. Stud Styrofoam balls with pushpins or wrap them with kitchen twine for a textured finish. Get the tutorial at Gimme Some Oven. Save the leftover scraps from gift wrapping and pop them in cute nickel frames. Next year, swap in different designs to match a new theme.


Get the tutorial at Tell Love and Party. Cut the sheet music of your favorite Christmas carol into a star — made secure with a sturdy backdrop, like cardboard. Get the tutorial at Vitamini Handmade. Get the tutorial at Joy Us Garden. Stripes will never go out of style—especially when they're black, and paired with gold and white. Get the tutorial at Homey Oh My! Get the tutorial at Creative Juice. Get the tutorial at Gossamer Blue. Use red and green ornaments if you want to keep it classic, or switch it up with brightly colored bulbs. Get the tutorial at The Kim Six Fix.

Get the tutorial at A Joyful Riot. Get the tutorial at Handmade Mood. Get the tutorial at Buddly Crafts.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Courtesy of Sarah Hearts. Popsicle Ornaments. Pop it like it's hot. When you're missing summer hard, these are there for you. Courtesy of The Crafted Life. Photo Ornaments. This is where all your 'gramming comes in handy. Fabric Covered Tree Ornaments. The color and pattern possibilities are endless.


32 Homemade Christmas Ornaments That'll Fill You With Joy

Skip this step if your ball is already red. Next, paint your empty container with your silver spray paint. Let it dry for the recommended time period. By raise of hands I thought so. Consider positioning the container over a part of the ball you want to cover up, like a barcode or an air valve. Allow the glue to dry for several hours, or overnight.

Hang them at various heights near your front door, or hang them in a window to create a festive display that kids and kids-at-heart will love! Recipe Rating:. I live in an extremely cold area with heavy snow. Will these balls deflate because of the weather? I think this would solve the problem of the balls deflating in the cold. Have a wonderful Xmas. I decided to use the foam balls since I live in cold weather BUT covered them with a red balloon, so far, so good!!!!

I am definitely doing this, but with blues.

32 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments - How To Make DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

I wonder, if the bouncy balls plastic was tough or thick enough, that it would keep its shape after being cut, a small slit opening would allow me to thread a set or 2 of dew drop fairy string lights inside. The button battery pack could be hidden on the back of the ornament, maybe? Grab a pack of plastic ball ornaments and whip up these ridiculously simple decorations with the whole family.

Attach a strand of string or wool to the base of a plastic or foam ornament with hot glue and then wrap, switching colors as you like. A pink, orange, and gray palette provides a welcome alternative to red and green. Reinvigorate wooden ornaments with a cheery color scheme and use twine to hang. Unlike glass baubles, they can withstand a fall on the floor.

Raid your cabinets and drawers to dress up plain Styrofoam balls. Kitchen twine looks rather rustic, and studded tacks add a glam serious factor. A lattice design looks pretty on a holiday pie and on a mini ornament. Plus, you can pick ribbons to match your tree's color scheme.

Paper cones filled with candy work as ornaments now and party favors later. Try wrapped peppermints, chocolate kisses, or truffles for more color. Adopt a white Christmas theme and keep things monochrome. The details on these folded doves pop even more in a neutral hue. While trees these days use LEDs, don't give up on old-fashioned lights just yet.

A coat of glitter means these bulbs will never burn out. Look back on the year's best moments with homemade photo ornaments. They'll cover a tabletop tree in no time; just print, mount, and glue on ribbon. Prepare for the nostalgia. Red, white, and wheat decorations take a page from Nordic style.

Fold wheat stalks to make the star ornament and use a stencil to cut out a cute caribou. Don't forget the trees outside. A frozen treat attracts blue jays and goldfinches even in the wintertime, but the cookie-cutter shape looks at home indoors too. Skip rolling and cutting dough and string up store-bought treats instead. Choose varieties with a center hole and hang out of pets' and kids' reach. Even the laziest crafter can stick letters on generic ornaments. Spell out "joy," "peace," or other short words to use up the rest of the alphabet.

And don't forget a red felt hat as a tribute to Saint Nick. Self-adhesives come in handy yet again. Dot colored balls with sticky-backed jewels for a little extra sparkle. Get homemade tree trimmers courtesy of a kid's craft project. Follow the instructions and then cut out the silhouettes using heavy-duty scissors.

DIY ROOM DECOR! 26 Easy Crafts Ideas at Christmas for Teenagers - NEW YEAR DECOR 2018

These mini hoops require zero embroidery skills. Just iron on three different designs a tree, reindeer, and star to fake pretty needlework.