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Amongst those people are friendships I value and opinions I greatly respect, but my message to them is simple: Brexit will not change our common interests in trading with each other and with the rest of the world, in sharing intelligence to tackle terrorism and crime, in cooperating on security issues to keep our citizens safe.

I was in Latvia a few weeks ago as they celebrated the 98th anniversary of the British Navy helping the Latvians to defeat the Bermont West Russian army. The Latvian politicians I spoke to stressed the importance of looking to the future and continued military cooperation with the UK through NATO, a future where the UK continues to work with individual European nations as well as continuing to work with the European Union as a whole. A future where the ECR Group, and the Members sat behind me, will continue to be a voice for a reformed Europe, a voice for those who believe in free enterprise, free and fair trade and competition, a voice for those who believe in the freedom of the individual, personal responsibility and greater democratic accountability, a voice for those who believe in respect and equitable treatment for all EU countries, new and old, large and small.

I hope that, last week, the British Prime Minister and Donald Tusk laid the first foundations for the journey ahead. A future which reduces the burdens on businesses, allowing them to create jobs, growth and prosperity in all our countries. A future where both the EU and the UK cooperate where we have common challenges to build a better future for all our citizens. Manfred, as a Muslim, I fully understand the Christian roots of Europe. But you must not confuse that with Europe being synonymous with Christendom. When I see the lack of diversity in European institutions, you have a long way to go to make those who are not standard white Christian European feel comfortable in Europe.

You need to do more work, and do not allow Brexit to blind you to that. I do not understand it. We will see. I want to come back to other unfortunate statements, such as that of the Brexit negotiator, Mr Davis who called — as I think Gianni has already said — the agreement a statement of intent. I spoke to him yesterday on the phone, and he assured me that it is absolutely not his intention, nor the intention of the UK Government, to backtrack on their commitments.

I take note of that and I think the best way, Michel, to secure this is, in the coming weeks, to transpose all these commitments into the legal text of a withdrawal agreement. That is the best way to do it — not in the coming months but in the coming weeks, when we start the second phase of the negotiations. There is no reason why future partners of European citizens should not have the same rights as the rights that we have defined here. Second, we also want full protection for UK citizens living in Europe.

That is our view and I have to tell you that I sometimes have the impression that we care more about this than the whole British Government at the moment. It is our task, as the European Parliament, to defend these citizens, be they European citizens living in Britain or UK citizens living on the continent. Thirdly, if you allow me, dear colleagues, the concrete procedure. I think that Michel Barnier has done a great job. All rights are protected now.

This is very clear. All benefits also. Europeans living in in Britain are not settlers. That is very clear. That word has been skipped but there is a problem with the procedure, and we need to solve it. The problem is that, apparently, nobody seems to trust the Home Office. In every letter that I receive from Britain and from EU citizens, they are saying that all their rights are protected, but be aware that it is a procedure in which an enormous administrative burden was created, and where the burden of proof is on the back of the citizens instead of on the Home Office.

I think we need to take that into account. I think that this Parliament can never give the green light to the final agreement if, in the withdrawal agreement, we do not have a simple procedure, a declaration, one form per family, cost-free, and where the burden of proof is on the Home Office and not on the back of our citizens.

It is not our citizens who decided for Brexit, yet they will have the negative consequences of a burdensome procedure that is introduced here. To make it more understandable, we will never allow a situation where, for example, a European banker living in the City who has enough money to pay a very important lawyer can make it, and a Polish plumber or a Romanian doctor cannot make it. That we will not allow. There has to be a proportionate approach in this. We will all be very keen, as Michel Barnier knows, on the issue of Ireland. Ireland cannot become the collateral damage of Brexit.

We will always show solidarity and be fully behind Ireland in these negotiations. Finally, talking about solidarity — because being behind all our Member States and behind Ireland is a question of solidarity — I have to tell you that I was completely shocked yesterday by the paper issued by President Tusk, and I say this to the representative of the Council.

He issued a statement and a paper in which he mainly says that the EU has only to assist the Member States, and that the Member States are responsible for the migration crisis. There will be no solution for the migration crisis if it is not a European solution. I mean a European Border and Coastguard to manage the outside borders, a European asylum package and not the Dublin approach, with the negation in fact of such a European approach, and also a European economic migration policy.

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Let us go forward with European solutions and the European Council has to show that it is on the same level as Parliament and Commission in this fight. Wir haben Zweifel daran. Wir haben Zweifel am Verhalten der britischen Regierung in den letzten Wochen. Das kann es nicht sein! Deshalb wird unsere Rolle hier im Parlament auch entscheidend sein. Worin sehen wir dringenden Handlungsbedarf? Wir wollen die volle Anerkennung der Berufsqualifikationen. Hier haben wir Zweifel, ob die vorgesehenen acht Jahre wirklich ausreichen.

Das ist uns wichtig.

‎The Founder of Opus Dei on Apple Books

Hier sind wir als Parlament auch in der Verantwortung, genau darauf zu gucken und nicht einfach nur wegzuschauen und zu sagen: Das ist jetzt eure Sache, wie ihr damit umgeht. Nordirland, Irland: Wir haben hier die volle Verpflichtung, und dazu haben wir uns als Parlament bekannt, uns voll und ganz zum Good Friday Agreement , zum Vertrag von , zu bekennen.

Darauf werden wir bestehen. Daran werden wir auch viele Dinge messen. On Brexit there was a sort of agreement, even some hiccups, but there was a step forward. On the eurozone there was some movement, and even on migration there were some steps in the right direction — looking at the Commission, for example, and ECJ court cases On Brexit, even though we had an agreement, it was then put into question in London, and that of course raises a lot of questions about any sort of agreement that we make here, that you are making with your counterparts.

I would also say this especially concerns the future relationship, because you cannot trust one another if you are not sure that whatever you agree is actually going to hold, so this is going to put a major strain on any future relations. I would also add that this is not just for the European Union, because if the UK wants to be a global player and find their new friends elsewhere, then that is going to be just as tricky, or even more tricky because while we have a long relationship, others might find it even more bewildering if there is this untrustworthiness on the other side.

So I hope this can be clarified. We will make a very clear deal, legally binding and everything, but I hope that this will not happen again in the future. On Northern Ireland, as colleagues have mentioned, this is of course a crucial issue that really goes into the question of peace and living together. This is something that will remain as the main concern of our group, but I am sure for other colleagues as well.

We cannot have our cake and eat it, we need to find a solution here. And I join with colleagues in saying that we must ensure there is no restriction on the rights of Irish citizens and of people on both sides of the border in Ireland, we must ensure that their rights will be safeguarded. But there is no solution yet. I hope we will have a proposal soon, but for us this remains the main issue along with the rights of citizens.

Of course, there as well we have made some important progress, but there are also important problems — the rights of future partners and spouses, for example. Already now we hear stories of major hiccups with administration, where residency permits are not being granted as they should be. This is something that urgently needs to be addressed.

On migration, as has already been mentioned, I did find the letter of Tusk extremely irritating because basically, just when the Commission stands up for solidarity, goes to the ECJ, and has been bringing infringement procedures, now basically the Council and Tusk come and shoot the Commission in the back. That is not a nice way to proceed and I think Mr Tusk, and I think the entirety of the Member States, will have to answer some questions here. How should this be understood by the Commission, which was standing firm by this Parliament?

We actually have the same parties here in this House as in the governments in the Member States. We are not a detached, totally different galaxy. We are the same political groups, the same parties, but we have managed to find an agreement in the European Parliament on the Dublin reform and on the future asylum system. What about the Member States who have been calling for many years for more solidarity?

What about Italy? What about Greece? In the past it was Malta and Spain, and it could be Poland tomorrow, as well. There is no guarantee that any Member State will be spared, so to say. I hope too that the Heads of State and Government will have a look at what EU Member States have contributed to the misery that we see in Libya and also what they are going to do in order to alleviate that misery. It is as if, even though we are leaving, effectively the British Government wants to keep us in some form of single market relationship, so I am not surprised that you are all very pleased with her.

Theresa the Appeaser has given in on virtually everything. Whether we like or dislike the European Union, we cannot deny the power that it has got, because you managed to make a British Prime Minister leave Downing Street in the middle of the night and fly to Brussels to forge an agreement with unelected bureaucrats based in Brussels.

She has danced to your tune all the way through this — you must be very, very pleased indeed. And now we enter into what perhaps may be the biggest deception yet, played on the British public. She is seeking a transition phase, and there are one or two comments here about whether the Brits will get that phase. Of course they will, because we are volunteering to go on paying the membership fee, to accepting all the existing rules and all the new rules.

So I do understand why many in this place feel encouraged by the performance of our Prime Minister and, I can assure you, millions who voted for Brexit are increasingly feeling frustrated and perhaps even now moving to the point of anger. I fear Brexit at some point in the future may need to be re—fought all over again. This implies no jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, no restrictions on free trade agreements, application of UK law with regard to EU citizens, and these are to us the central elements of any acceptable deal. Having said that, migration is again an important topic of the European Council meeting, and rightly so.

Mass migration still threatens the survival of our civilisation, our security and our culture. These illiterate illegal fortune-seekers believe in the barbarism of Sharia, Hadith and Quran. They come to the EU and still come in hundreds of thousands to benefit from our prosperity, and they do not contribute a single bit to our societies.

They take without giving and if necessary by force. This has to stop. This is how you deal with illegal migrants: first, no admissions, and next no incentives, and that is: no housing, no social benefits, no family reunion and no endless legal procedures. I also praise the courageous Libyan coastguard who set sail against aggressive human traffickers and rogue NGOs while risking their own lives. The EU cannot show more clearly that it is utterly bankrupt. Schengen has to end now and national borders must close now. Finally, the migrants who are already here must be returned straight away.

Do not tolerate them, do not pay them off, do not send them back, but round them up and bring them back. Diane Dodds NI. As a result of the strengthening of the text, there are clear statements that Northern Ireland will leave the single market and Customs Union along with the rest of the United Kingdom.

There will be no special status. We share the goal of ensuring that there is no hard border between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. It is our view that these issues can only be fully resolved in Phase 2 of the negotiations. However, the union that matters economically to Northern Ireland is the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where trade is worth six times more than trade with the Irish Republic.

It is important that we now move on to the next stage of the negotiations. We should not miss the opportunity for a new relationship based on shared democratic values, trade and security. This would be for the betterment of all those we represent in this House. Elmar Brok PPE. Deswegen bitte ich, hier nicht herumzuspielen. Bei dieser Vereinbarung ist Vertrauen entstanden. We consider this a sufficient basis for moving on to the second phase.

At the same time, we underline that any positive development of the discussion on the future relationship and the transition requires that the commitments defined in the joint report be translated fully and in a timely manner into the draft withdrawal agreement. This includes on Ireland, where full regulatory alignment means full regulatory alignment, and our final consent vote is conditional upon this. We are glad to see that, despite some propaganda by some Brexiteers, the joint report clearly states that all the rights established by EU law and interpreted by the Court of Justice shall have direct legal effect through the withdrawal agreement, and that any inconsistent or incompatible rule or national rule set out in the national legislation will be disapplied.

And we are proud to have contributed, together with the Commission, to broadening the personal scope not only to all family members, but also to all future children. I would like to remind all of us here that Europe is suffering at least as much as Britain is.

There are a lot of logistical and sophisticated supply chains which are at danger. He is right. We have to stop two trains running on the same track against each other, because this is going to be a real catastrophe. Brexit is a lose-lose situation for both, for Britain and for the EU. It is my strong opinion that Europe will never be a complete Europe, will never be a competitive Europe, without Great Britain. I would like to thank Mr Barnier for his efforts, and indeed progress has been made but, in my view, not sufficient progress and that is why I will not support paragraph 2 of the resolution.

The three key issues must be addressed. First of all, it must be clear that citizens in the UK do not have to apply for a status but must register or declare, that is key. We represent their interests as well and we have to secure their future, too.

Sub topics

Finally, Ms May has promised to create a hostile environment and she has succeeded wonderfully well. Every day we get messages from people in the UK facing harassment, hatred and violence — and we are hearing the noises from that side of the House. This is a denial of democracy. They are trying to close down debate. They do not want debate. Their staff are trying to stop us having our say.

This Parliament is not democratic. It is a farce. They have pulled off a spectacular piece of theatre over the last week or so. No sooner did they get the Irish Government and the Commission to acclaim sufficient progress, than they immediately started to rubbish the joint report they solemnly signed. But it is no surprise. It is the way they do things.

They create drama through late night and last minute negotiations. They flush out the bottom line of those they are negotiating with; they make promises necessary to get others to move things forward and then they start to negotiate compromises downwards. No one knows them better than us.

The British Government has been making promises to Irish people for years, and then refusing to fulfil them. Even today, they are negating the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, and that is an international agreement lodged at the United Nations. They are opposing rights that they signed up to, and they are aligned with the most reactionary political party in Ireland, the DUP, to describe and describe their policy in Ireland. So let us be clear. The resolution says that it must be fully enforceable with regard to Ireland, so when the joint resolution is turned into legal action there can be no more ambiguity, no more contradictions, no more taking the British Government at their word.

Their word counts for little, as they care little about their word. I must protect the best interests of all my constituents in Wales, including those who have chosen to make Wales their home and have contributed so much to our country. I also have to protect the interests of those who have chosen to make their home in other EU countries and it is unacceptable that people are still uncertain and anxious about their futures.

So agreeing progress cannot mean that all issues are resolved or closed; they are clearly not and they need to remain a priority. This is not the final vote on this. There is a lot still to be done. Looking to the future for Wales and building our economy, maintaining access to the single market is critical to protect jobs and our agricultural industry and that is what I will continue to do. Ir kaip tas valstijas kursime? Tuo senuoju keliu, kaip visuomet buvo kuriama imperija — prievarta, rimbu, karais, krauju? Janice Atkinson ENF. Why are we letting the odious Guy Verhofstadt dictate terms?

He is only interested in one thing and that is himself. As the EU moves to a united states of Europe, we should be looking to our oldest friend, our ally, the United States of America. I agreed with him. Yes, and there is clapping in there for that. Against the Democrats. At a time when we should be valuing our friendship with the US above all friendships, you are taking the poison pill. How dare he? As a Remainer, he is totally trying to sabotage a US deal.

Yes, business does need certainty and that is why we should just walk away and move to WTO rules. Voters want an end to immigration. This is unacceptable. I see she is nodding, so I would urge her to apologise for that and retract that comment. Mr Verhofstadt is not of my political family, he is not of my political group, but your comments today, Ms Atkinson, are way beyond the line.

We are used to your nonsense, but personal abuse has no place in this Chamber. I urge you to retract that comment. Diane James NI. But I am going to try. The EU objectives throughout the negotiations have been very clear: first, make the United Kingdom look as weak as possible internationally, and second, extract as much money as you possibly can from us. There has been gloating in the Chamber this morning. There have also been lots of misleading statements. But I am going to ignore those and I am going to point out that the European Union would not be where it is now but for the United Kingdom joining in and contributing to the finance and international presence that you now have.

So please, wake up, take a reality check, stop just focusing on Brexit in this Chamber, and get on with doing the job you were elected to do. Daniel Caspary PPE. Wir haben am 1.

Lectura Espiritual

Januar das Hochfest der Gottesmutter Maria. Sie ist die Schutzpatronin der Verirrten und Verfahrenen. It has just admitted that there has not yet been a discussion in government on what final outcome it actually wants. It has also done no impact assessments on what would it would cost to leave the Customs Union, nor on what it would cost British industry, agriculture or finance to leave the European Union.

Even phase one is put into question. Ministers have even said that the concept of keeping legislation aligned has no meaning in law. Despite agreeing on the outstanding budgetary commitments, Britain said it might not honour them. No such promise is given here to citizens, leaving them in limbo until the uncertain final agreement, unsure of their future status, unable to plan their future. Others promised the same — those Brexiteers who led us to believe they had thought this all through and had a plan. Well, that proved to be a lie, just like the one on the bus. The Home Office letters to EU citizens have threatened deportation.

Brits in other countries have not received assurances that they can retain all the freedoms they now have. Is it any wonder that people still feel anxious and terrified about their futures?

Fundación del Opus Dei

I am furious for those who are left behind in limbo, and this agreement kicks many issues into the long grass. This House is the voice of European citizens. They trust us to make the right call on this. We cannot and we will not turn our backs on them. I certainly will not. But time is running out. We must get on with dealing with trade, the environment, science, digital, security, fishing, agriculture, and all the rest. But there were three issues to solve before the next phase — not two and a half, but three. For too many people, the future is still unclear.

L'apertura mostrata dalla Commissione a possibili strumenti analoghi negli Stati membri rischia di minare lo stesso diritto europeo. The resolution we are debating today makes it clear that Brexit means losses on both sides, but there is a stark contrast in the way the two sides are approaching the negotiations. The EU side have a clear and consistent position, and they have sheltered the EU citizens who are their responsibility, protecting their rights to travel and work and ensuring that the UK pays for the projects they depend on that we have already committed to in this budget period.

To constituents who feel let down by the negotiations, it is important to recall that we can still step back. This is why the Green Party is demanding a final say and a democratic choice between the deal as negotiated — with all the trade-offs and disappointments — and continued membership of the European Union. That decision was not conditional on any withdrawal agreement or any other factor.

Eighteen months later, we still have not left and the leaving process is in a shambles. They simply do not want to leave. Either way, the result of the referendum is being betrayed. It will never be too late for a patriotic government and parliament to take control and make Brexit happen. Gerolf Annemans ENF. Dat is namelijk dat hier in dit Huis, aan de kant van degenen die in de Europese Unie achterblijven, zich een soort van acceleratieneiging voordoet bij de voorstanders van de Europese Unie, bij de EU-federalisten. Die zijn allemaal in een kramp geschoten alsof ze door de duivel achterna gezeten worden.

Daarmee maakt hij het verklaarbaar waarom mensen als Schultz, Macron en anderen nu volop op het gaspedaal drukken. We moeten beseffen, vrienden die hier achterblijven, EU-critici: we gaan die Britten missen. I wish them all the best but will miss them. Steven Woolfe NI. For days we have watched a cabal of political elitists wage an anti-democratic campaign in the UK to delay, damage and deny Brexit.

But at Christmas time we are reminded that three wise men brought gifts to Jesus for a brighter future and, in that spirit, I offer three gifts to those Remainers in this Chamber and beyond: the gifts of hearing, hope and a heart. Hearing, so that the voice of those people who believe leaving the EU will make their lives better, brighter and freer is at long last heard by you. Hope, so that someday you accept the result and start to move on. Finally, a heart, because those who you have abused by calling old, stupid and ignorant for voting to leave believe you do not have one.

Happy Christmas and a joyous Brexit New Year. We are at the beginning of an arduous, complex, intensive process of drafting the withdrawal agreement with a number of issues of relevance remaining outstanding. We also have ahead transition negotiations and the future relationship is still to be identified. The most difficult is yet to come.

The transition period raises many legal issues which will have to be considered with the highest caution. It will have to provide for connection with the future framework, foreseeable at that time, and the talks on transition will precede the negotiations on the future relationship, so there is no reason to call transition an implementation phase. But transition is not only about bridging with the future framework; it has its own challenges. It is true that there is no time to negotiate a bespoke transition agreement, so its major part will be the prolongation of the acquis, but it only looks simple.

We have to bear in mind that the EU acquis is strongly interdependent in a legally and politically complex way and this is a challenge in itself, but there will also be parts of the transition deal going beyond prolongation of the acquis, and this will require in my view a strong credible joint oversight mechanism with a strong role for the European Commission on our side.

It lacks this kind of ambition — to start with, on the way to deliver the European Social Pillar, because we want to update social standards for all citizens, starting with young people, in all Member States. For this, we need to have more powerful instruments to support convergence: real convergence, economic and social convergence. Take the reform package for Economic and Monetary Union: we welcome the fact that important movements will take place to introduce more democracy when it comes to the accountability of the European Stability Mechanism.

But let me be clear: if you want to have upward convergence, reforms are needed, but these are not enough; we need to have a stronger priority for investment, and this investment priority remains too weak in the integrated Fiscal Compact, too weak in the instrument to support convergence, too weak even in the so-called instrument to protect investment. The only way to have stronger priority for investment is to have an upcoming Community budget with new own resources supporting stronger future—oriented investment.

We need to get these, and we count on the Estonian Presidency to deliver on this. Peter van Dalen ECR. De brexit is schadelijk, politiek en economisch, voor beide partijen. Het politieke zwaartepunt in de Europese Unie verschuift dan richting het zuiden en we zien nu al welke wilde wensen voor nog meer Europa mijnheer Macron verkondigt. De brexit is economisch schadelijk omdat het bruto binnenlands product van het Verenigd Koninkrijk stevige klappen gaat krijgen, maar ook dat van de Europese Unie en helaas ook dat van mijn land.

Voor nu: snel door naar de tweede onderhandelingsfase. Beslist geen vechtscheiding, maar goede en redelijke afspraken. Ook na moet we verder leven en werken met elkaar. We moeten het politieke en economische gat dat door dit vertrek ontstaat, zo klein houden als mogelijk is. Dat is in het belang van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en in het belang van de Europese Unie. Ten slotte, in stemden miljoenen Britten voor de brexit. Die uitslag is niet alleen te wijten aan de tabloids of aan UKIP.

Er ligt een sentiment onder dat we ook in mijn land tegenkomen. Dit schreeuwt om bezinning, niet om de vlucht naar voren voor nog meer EU.

See a Problem?

Mr Barnier, you were clear. Mr Verhofstadt strengthened this by suggesting it should be done in the coming weeks, not months. With regard to the second strand, Mr Barnier, regarding Northern Ireland, again you were clear. You said we need a specific solution for a unique situation, and I agree. But we need trust to continue these negotiations in good faith.

Yes, we all recognise what political grandstanding is, but this process is way too important to be derailed by those who simply like the sound of their own voices. People need to see the detail, the line—by—line, the policy—by—policy, the nitty—gritty. And in phase two, the promises of the shysters and charlatans who have so disgraced themselves even in their conduct today in this debate will be shown for what they are: a cruel deception of the people they claim to serve. This is the end of the beginning of this Brexit negotiation. He is misleading the House by suggesting that Scots do not want to be in Britain or do not want to leave the European Union.

That is an absolute travesty. In the EU we have the rather less holy trinity of Juncker, Schulz and Verhofstadt, each supporting the creation of a federal superstate. Mr Verhofstadt believes the nations of Europe are dwarves that cannot prosper independently. In his State of the Union speech Mr Juncker unveiled a raft of new integrationist plans, and Mr Schulz left this place to go around Germany stirring up apathy about a United States of Europe.

So you should let us leave the EU with good will. Instead, many of you seek to punish us and it is that spirit of pettiness that will in the end destroy all your grand plans. Merkel aussi. Janusz Lewandowski PPE. Es braucht eigentlich nur den Mut, endlich die Verhandlungen aufzunehmen. Vielleicht geschieht ein Weihnachtswunder.

James Nicholson ECR. While we should not underestimate the difficulties that lie ahead, we now have a real opportunity to agree a deep and comprehensive deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union. It has always been the case that the best way to find solutions to the question of the border between the United Kingdom and the European Union is to discuss the trade and customs arrangements. None of us want to return to the borders of the past, but equally I cannot tolerate or accept anything that would create an internal UK east-west border.

The UK and the EU now have an opportunity to agree on a deal that works for all parties that can only be achieved if we work together and with cool heads. Let us move on from the grandstanding and the megaphone diplomacy in some parts of this debate. It is time for that, it is for sure not for the future.

Franck Proust PPE. Esto es lo que el presidente Tusk presenta en su documento. Por fin nos hemos puesto de acuerdo en divorciarnos. Este acuerdo no es el final de nada, es simplemente el principio de todo. The Irish Government, and indeed all of the Irish people, are very happy at the practical and sensible agreement announced last Friday, with the protection of the Good Friday Agreement, in all its parts, the preservation of the Common Travel Area and, above all, no hard border and full regulatory alignment to make that happen, which can be worked out in Phase 2.

Also, something which has not been mentioned enough is the willingness of the European Union to continue Peace Programme for Peace and Reconciliation and Interreg funding into the future, post-Brexit.

Table of contents

And mentioning Peace, we do not want a hard border because there has been too much blood spilled in Ireland over the border, with a bloody civil war and 20 years of terror. Hopefully, she will get the backing of all her colleagues because this is not a time for disunity. We in Ireland are totally united, the European Union is totally united, and those in the United Kingdom have to stand behind Theresa May. It is not helpful when people make statements that commitments are only statements of intent.

A commitment is a commitment, a guarantee is a guarantee, and nothing else. She may, in her wisdom, teach some of her colleagues that old adage. Paulo Rangel PPE. E finalmente, tinha uma mensagem para o ministro do Brexit, Sr. You cannot have a hard border in Ireland and preserve the peace process.

You cannot have a hard border in the Irish Sea and preserve the four nations and the integrity of the United Kingdom. It is not taking back control, it is ceding it. The UK is constantly trumpeting diversity and multiculturalism. Esther de Lange PPE. First and foremost, for European citizens and their families, and indeed, as many colleagues have said, more guarantees are needed here. Yes, let us talk about trade, as that is also in the interests of our producers, our farmers, and our fishermen.

But let us be clear: access to the single market is not free. Finally, now that I am in the Christmas spirit anyway, let me warn this House against false prophets, like the Brexit prophet Nigel Farage, who, through nonsense, lies, and videotape, got his Brexit and then ran away. He talks about unelected bureaucrats but he betrayed his voters and, indeed, now he is absent.

He had his videotape, he will post his speech on all the social media. But let us promise our voters and our citizens one thing: the work in this House will have to be done by serious and maybe less flamboyant politicians, and that is us. So when we reconvene after Christmas, let us get to work in the interests of the European citizens and also the Brits.

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The Talmudist is duty bound to undertake actions whereby "Mosiach" can come into the world. That's his messiah. Escriva was truly a sinister liar. Could he have coordinated the Lucy Fraud? Yes, without blinking an eye. Post a Comment. Will this Investigation Bring Down "St.

March 10, So many "Saints" involved in the Sister Lucy Mystery! If they perpetrated a "Sister Lucy" fraud, how saintly can they be? He lived his love to the Virgin, love of love, with the depth of a theologian and the simplicity of a child. Already before his ordination he perceived that the Lord was asking him something, that he did not know how to concretize or define.

But he had a burning desire to do the will of God and, therefore, like the blind man in the Gospel, he constantly begged: "Lord, let him see," and added "Let it be! At the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, in , he was not yet a priest , he engraved on the pedestal of an image of the Virgin of Pilar this little ejaculation: Domina ut sit - "Madam, may it be! Later he would write with knowledge, the fruit of an intensely lived experience: "Love for the Lady is proof of good spirit, in works and in unique people.

He distrusts the company that does not have that signal " Camino, No. Opus Dei is marked with this sign from its beginnings. And always its founder walked the difficult paths of loyalty embraced in the loving arms of the Mother of God and Mother of men. He liked to do them alone or in small groups, in a climate of recollection and intimacy.

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  • And those of Loreto or Lourdes repeated so many times! Lucia and St. And it was there, in the Cova de Iria, where he delivered the first fruits of the Work, destined to produce marvelous fruits among the Portuguese people of all conditions. In Tuy he visited Sister Lucy, then a religious Dorothea, who admirably understood the spirit of Opus Dei: sanctification in ordinary and ordinary life, contemplation in the midst of the world.

    For a member of Opus Dei his cell is the street. Being a Carmelite in Coimbra, she received on several occasions the founder of Opus Dei , who loved ardently the religious life and especially the contemplative orders. That's why I did not do anything without your approval. He spoke several times with the Bishop of Coimbra, Don Antonio Antunes [the latest bishop of Coimbra is, in fact, an Opus Dei member], who supported with open arms and heart, the start in that city of the Work, which then took the first steps. He lived and taught to live that ancient rule: Nihil sine Episcopo -not without the bishop-.

    He had a particular affection for St. Joseph, manifested in evident signs of affection, as the gift of precious sacrays for the chapel of the Episcopal House and an expressive telegram that I found in the archive.