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Colossians 1:27-28

  1. August 2-4, 12222
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Sufficient Grace: A Study of the Subject of Grace
  4. 8. The Grace of God, Part I (Ephesians ; ) |

Yet none but Jesus Christ could provide a sacrifice sufficient to save us from all sin, and none but he is qualified to be our advocate with the Father. How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! Some feel that the Bible cannot be understood properly on its own without the support and context provided by other books.

One part of scripture sheds light on another part. The theme of the scripture is Jesus Christ who provides forgiveness of sins to a sinful world. God has given his Son, and given his word, out of his wondrous grace and mercy. None of us deserved it.

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This led to your obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ. Jim Cummins was born in and grew up in a small rural community in Jim Cummins was born in and grew up in a small rural community in county Kildare Ireland; he finished school at age 13 and immediately went to work as a farm labourer. He learned to drive trucks at age Daddy's Little Girl. We're all faced with a great event or a fork in the road and are We're all faced with a great event or a fork in the road and are forced to make a decision. Indeed, these choices can affect the entire outcome of one's personal journey.

It has been more than twenty five years Death on the Dunes. This is the story of a retired detective named John Clarke, who is from the This is the story of a retired detective named John Clarke, who is from the Southern California area and retires to what he thinks is a quiet and peaceful spot on the shores of Northern California, only to find, one Everything Is Subject To Change. Instructments that God uses to fight the invisable foe and in assisting with the renewing Instructments that God uses to fight the invisable foe and in assisting with the renewing of our mind.

Flying Free. Flying free is the fictional story of a young boy growing up in the north One time when I was preaching over there in the Family Center before we had this auditorium, some of you remember this. I have something to say. You people are materialistic! And there was nothing I could do but just stand there and let him say what he said.

August 2-4, 12222

And, of course, he just finished in a matter of a few moments, and the ushers took him out. And that was his view of spirituality — having one suit of clothes and riding a bicycle. Did you know the monks used to do that, put rocks in their shoes? You know they would wear a belt that had little sharp pieces of metal in it so it would cut their stomach all the time all day long? We still have residue of that in the religions of our country, that spirituality is connected to never marrying. You stay away from certain things, a meager diet.

And that comes out of a Greek dualism that says the body is evil, and so you deny the body everything. Some of the monks thought it was a sin to bathe because they would see themselves naked; and the longer they held to that theology, the smaller and smaller their circle of acquaintances became; and their influence went with it.

Others felt that marriage was an experiment of the serpent which separated from the Lord. Athanasius boasted of the devotion of a man named Anthony who never changed his vest and never washed his feet; and that was praise worthy. And Antonius proudly related that such was the holy asceticism of Simeon Stylites, that when he walked vermin dropped off his body. Do you remember at Christmas time the guy in the Philippines who crucifies himself every year, and the Flagellants who beat themselves raw on their backs till they bleed in order to effect some penance toward God so God will accept them?

If God blesses us, then He blesses us; and we accept His blessing with thankfulness, and we use it to enjoy His goodness and to share with others in need. And we are not made more spiritual by deprivation. That just indulges the flesh.

That just makes you proud to be humble, proud to be humble — self-styled ritual religion, some kind of phony apparent piety and supernatural experiences; self-denial that appears to be abject poverty. All these do is elevate the flesh, indulge the flesh, lift up pride, and make you proud about all your sacrifices, all your visions, all your spiritual achievements; and they take away from Christ — all your human reason, and they take away from Christ.

I understand this intimidation. I have been long and often called anti-intellectual. I have been criticized because I believe in the sufficiency of Scripture, the sufficiency of spiritual resources, and the sufficiency of Christ. I have been told that I just will never reach that plain with my present mindset.

Table of Contents

I was listening to a radio program the other day where they were discussing me on a talk show. My confidence and my faith all rest in one person. Who is that? Jesus Christ.

Sufficient Grace: A Study of the Subject of Grace

And I believe with all my heart, not because of me, but because of His sovereign and infinite grace I am complete in Him. I hope you believe that too.

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Listen carefully, would you please, for a moment to this. I find the satisfaction borne of knowing forever I am His, and He is mine. In Christ I find a harbor from the tempest, a refuge safe to guard throughout the test. I find in Him a shelter from the darkness, as safely in His arms my soul does rest. In Christ I find the bread that leaves no hunger, the wine that leaves no thirst within the heart. I find the warmth of love that Jesus gives, the blessing of its riches to impart.

In Christ I find the greatest human treasures: the washing white from sin, salvation free. In Him is found a joy that knows no measure, the gift of one who gave His all for me. In Christ I find all love, all joy, all blessing; I find the peace that shares with doubt no part. Father, how thankful we are for the sufficiency of Christ, that in all the complexity of the world, in all the din of voices and words, all the analyses and solutions not withstanding, we are complete in Christ. He is all and all. How we thank Thee. Help us to be content with Him, and discontent until, even as Paul said, we are fully formed into His image.

Help us to seek Him, to know Him, to love Him, to be like Him. While your heads are bowed for just a closing moment: Are you resting, trusting, living, and even facing death in the confidence of the sufficiency of Christ? Are you? Is Christ all and all to you, Christ plus nothing? Oh, I trust you say yes to that. If so, thank Him for His grace. And He brings complete salvation, complete forgiveness, complete victory, for you are complete in Him. All you need in the spiritual dimension for time and eternity He gives; and by faith, you receive. Help Grace to You bring important resources like this to people in your community and beyond, free of charge.

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8. The Grace of God, Part I (Ephesians ; ) |

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