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  1. A Search for the Spiritual: Exploring Real Christianity
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Commended, Named a top 10 religion and spirituality book for by Booklist.

A Search for the Spiritual: Exploring Real Christianity

Add to Cart. The rising population known as "nones" for its members' lack of religious affiliation is changing American society, politics, and culture. Many nones believe in God and even visit places of worship, but they do not identify with a specific faith or belong to a spiritual community. Corinna Nicolaou is a none, and in this layered narrative, she describes what it is like for her and thousands of others to live without religion or to be spiritual without committing to a specific faith.

About the Author

Nicolaou tours America's major traditional religions to see what, if anything, one might lack without God. She moves through Christianity's denominations, learning their tenets and worshiping alongside their followers. She explores what light they can shed on the fears and failings of her past, and these encounters prove the significant role religion still plays in modern life. They also exemplify the vibrant relationship between religion and American culture and the enduring value it provides to immigrants and outsiders.

Though she remains a devout none, Nicolaou's experiences reveal points of contact between the religious and the unaffiliated, suggesting that nones may be radically revising the practice of faith in contemporary times. A None's Story packages sociology and history into an engaging personal story that puts a human face on the fast-growing movement of the 'nones' in American religious life.

Nicolaou's spiritual peregrinations are presented in ways that are informative and also frankly fun. Now, what this all tells me as a Christian is this: God speaks to me both through His word in the Scriptures, but also in nature, and that I can discover truth by studying both. Though my finite nature and tendency towards self-absorption -- which the Bible calls "sin" -- means that my understanding will always be imperfect.

A None's Story

If I find a contradiction between the two, it means I may have misunderstood Scripture, I may have misunderstood what nature is trying to speak to me, or both. For example, if the evidence shows clearly that the universe is billions of years old, as I believe it does, it means that I should think perhaps about other interpretations of Genesis Chapter 1.

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However, it would be a stretch to say therefore that I should doubt that God is the Creator. I think that these are two different things.

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God says through the prophet Isaiah, "Come, let us reason together. As someone who works primarily with high school and college-age students, I strive to help my students create a healthy understanding of the interaction between science and the Christian faith. It concerns me greatly when Christians attempt to manipulate particular Scriptures like the opening chapters of Genesis and transform them into a science text. This was not the author's intent, and we do a disservice to ourselves and the text when we decide to only approach it through Western-American eyes. One of the first Christians, a man named Paul, encourages follows of Jesus by saying, "All things are yours, whether Paul or Apollos, or Cephas or the world or life or death or the present or the future - all are yours, and you are of Christ, and Christ is of God.

Bible Verse Search

As a pastor, I strive to help my students see that if they are in Christ, then "All things are theirs! If it's true, then the Christian faith just got bigger! Because "all things are mine and I am of Christ and Christ is of God. As my good friend, Dr. John ZuHone said: "The Christian faith holds a high regard for reason, inquiry, and science. I want my students to know that the whole universe is their to display God's truth. They have the whole universe -- they have biology and psychology, they have anthropology, physiology, cosmology.

They have the human body. They have plant life. They have ecosystems. They have this great, big, wide, deep universe. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. John ZuHone shares how he sees the way Christianity celebrates reason and critical inquiry. Zach Fleming:. It's not our world and His fingerprint. It's His world and they are our fingerprints. Because you are of Christ, and Christ is of God. All things are yours! Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus.