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While Penny remains annoyed and is shampooing her hair in the next room, her conniving girlfriend lets in her "comrade," encouraging him: "You're a big success. She's willing to arbitrate.

Never Gonna Dance – Fred & Ginger in Swing Time 1936

Someday, when I'm awfully low, and the world is cold I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight. Oh, but you're lovely with your smile so warm, and your cheeks so soft There is nothing for me but to love you, just the way you look tonight. With each word your tenderness grows, tearing my fear apart And that part that wrinkles your nose, touches my foolish heart Lovely, never never change, keep that breathless charm Won't you please arrange it 'cause I love you, just the way you look tonight.

Drawn and bewitched by his declaration of love, she emerges in an old bathrobe from her room forgetting that her head is covered with sudsy white shampoo, and lightly rests her hand on his shoulder. As he sings the final words, "just the way you look tonight," he turns and is startled to see her foamy, lathered white hairdo - she rushes embarrassed from the room. According to her, "he's asked me to marry him several times. I promised you could dance anytime you want - alone.

He's now the property of Dice Raymond. On the 36th Floor where Raymond's club is located above a snowy, wintry Manhattan cityscape, Penny and Lucky with his lucky quarter have gone there to gamble at roulette and dance , but Romero arrives as the club's new bandleader.

More from "The Early Years at RKO" album

Noticing his interest in gambling, Dice Raymond bets Lucky "double-or-nothing" on his winnings. Instead, Lucky wagers for Romero's contract "all my winnings against his contract" and wins the bet with Pop's card-shark help , but the pompous maestro who considers himself "a valuable piece of property" still refuses to play a waltz for his new 'owner' because it's after-hours: "If you read the contract carefully, you'll see I don't have to play after this hour unless I want to.

Lucky coaxes Romero to accompany them with music [for the audition? On the dance floor of the mirror-shiny Art Deco nightclub, Penny is wearing a pale-colored, white evening dress with Cuban-ruffled sleeves and a wide-flounce, sheer trimming on the hem, while Lucky is in a black tuxedo with a black Bohemian tie and white carnation in his lapel.

During the fast waltz, the two dancers weave intricate dance steps, sometimes as partners, or sometimes as soloists paralleling each other. They introduce an unusual back-kick into their gliding movements mid-way, and finish with a flourish of speed as they twirl behind a translucent, louvered glass screen.

The next day, Lucky and Penny are obviously in love, beaming smiles at each other in the front of a car. She is frustrated and puzzled however, and senses an aloofness, ambivalence, and distance from him: "He seems to have something on mind. The two couples, Pop and Mabel, and Penny and Lucky, drive together on a snowy outing in an open convertible to The New Amsterdam, now a broken-down country lodge where Mabel used to visit when she was younger. The setting is a winter wonderland of gently falling snow, icicles, and snow-covered branches. With her arm through his, Penny dressed in a shearling wool coat and Dutch-boy cap snuggles up next to Lucky to keep warm on a tree-bench but he deflects her flirtation by staring straight ahead.

They wander off and sit inside a snow-covered gazebo in the woods:. Penny: I like being off alone like this. Lucky: You're not alone.

"Waltz In Swing Time" Sheet Music

You're with me. Penny: Then I like being off alone with you. As she cozily snuggles into his shoulder, he resists again by suggesting that she flap her arms to keep warm, rather than taking her into his arms: "Flap your arms. That will restore circulation. Look, it makes me feel warmer already. Penny: If some people saw us like this, they might think that we were Lucky: Yes, they might. Penny: It's funny how we met and all that's happened to us since. Lucky: The way we've been, sort of, thrown together and everything.

Penny: As if it were all meant to happen. Lucky: It's quite an experience. Penny: It's more than an experience. It's sort of like a, a romance, isn't it? Lucky: Yes, as we say in French, la belle romance. Penny: A swell romance. When Pop yells out a warning to him "Lucky! A fine romance with no kisses, a fine romance my friend this is, We should be like a couple of hot tomatoes, but you're as cold as yesterday's mashed potatoes A fine romance you won't nestle, a fine romance you won't wrastle I've never mussed the crease in your blue surge pants, I've never had the chance, This is a fine romance Lucky approaches and apologizes for disappointing Penny, and to courageously prove that he isn't aloof, he is about to embrace and kiss her when a snowball hits his hat - thrown by Pop to deliberately break them up.

Lucky forms a snowball and heaves it back, but strikes Mabel in the face. In reprise, he reproaches her with his version of the song, "A Fine Romance":. A fine romance with no kisses, a fine romance my friend this is, True love should have the thrills that a healthy pine has We don't have half the thrills that The March of Time have A fine romance with no clinches, a fine romance with no pinches You never give the orchids I send a glance, no, you like cactus plants This is a fine romance The Silver Sandal nightclub is re-opened with a refurbished interior, including an orchestral pit and dance area surrounded by a half-circular, glistening black staircase and glittering tables positioned for couples.

Backstage, wearing a white, low-cut, V-necked, satiny sheer evening gown with cross-your-heart pleats and a cape held about her neck with a rhinestone choker , the whitish-blonde Penny expresses her unhappiness and disinterest in Lucky. With a daring challenge, Mabel encourages Penny to express her love for him by giving him "a great big kiss":. Mabel: I supposed it doesn't interest you to know that he was supposed to go back and marry that girl as soon as he got twenty-five thousand dollars. Penny: Well, why doesn't he go back?

Mabel: Because he doesn't want to, and you know it. He's given up gambling. Penny: Oh, what am I supposed to do? This created an imbalance, with the first musical number not occurring until a half-hour into the movie. In the 40s and 50s, Astaire started his own chain of dance schools. Rogers is tentative at first, then enjoys her own eventual exuberance. Astaire wanted bounce and syncopation in Bojangles of Harlem.

Kern asked Robert Russell Bennett to write these sections. Just before Never Gonna Dance , dialogue is sparse because Lucky and Penny are reluctant to say goodbye. Dorothy Fields was the only woman among the pantheon of American song writers of the period. Astaire asked that at least two numbers have a swing beat.

Ginger Rogers audio interview from — Rogers discusses winning a Charleston contest in Texas, which led to auditioning for several Broadway shows and eventually a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures. She tells anecdotes about the various films she and Astaire made, noting that Swing Time is her favorite.

We will drive anywhere to find great Art Deco.

Clips from Swing Time and still black-and-white photos from other Astaire-Rogers films are shown. She never saw Stevens angry, and appreciated his facility for setting the mood of a scene. The inspiration for one of the effects in the Bojangles of Harlem number was that three different light sources illuminating Astaire cast three separate shadows.

The special effects department incorporated the idea into the Bojangles number using rear projection. George Stevens, Jr. Booklet — The accordion-style insert booklet features a critical essay by Imogen Sara Smith and five black-and-white photos from the film. Written on Wednesday, 10 July Armstrong Browning Library - Women Poets. Baylor Bears 'Insider Report'. Baylor Lariat - Student Newspaper. Baylor Libraries - Digital Rare Books. Baylor Line. Baylor University - 'The Baylor Literary'. Baylor University Archives.

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SWING TIME Sheet Music "Waltz In Swing Time" Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers PINK | eBay

Portraits Collection. Prestridge-Sandford Letters. Southern Baptist Annuals Collection. Texas Collection - Harding Black. Texas Collection - Historic Waco Newspapers Texas Collection - Liberty Cemetery Project. Texas Collection - Maps. Texas Collection - Pat Neff.

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