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  1. Luke-The First by Diane W. Keaster, Debbie Page |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
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I might find more as time progresses!

Luke-The First by Diane W. Keaster, Debbie Page |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I will also add a picture of Monty, the cat that jumped on his back for a ride when I was first starting to ride him!! You can see his four black legs that I talk about in his book! Chick was the matriarch of this series, so to speak Luke the First, book 4 zchorsesseriesofchildrensbooks. This album will consist of pictures of horses I have alr Just like writing my books, since the stories are true and bring back so many memories, I think this is really going to be fun!!

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Since Chick is the matriarch and start of my book series, I will start with her!! While I had other horses before her, of which I will write about in the future, Chick was very pivotal in my life. I have now raised four generations after her. I had known Chick longer than I had known my father and longer than I have known my sons!!

She packed Gus many, many miles as a little guy. She was about 20 at that time. Cole rode her about the time he was walking! She was just a few years old then. Although she did buck me off the first time I got on her, her first ride, she never bucked again until one time many years later.

Gus was riding her as we rode at the base of the Lemhi mountain range. I had heard there was a sow bear with a couple cubs in that area. All of a sudden Chick snorted and started bucking Gus stayed on pretty good he was only about 8 , but finally hit the dirt. Chick stopped, but was obviously scared! Well, I did the only thing a loving, country mother would do I made him get back on. We went a little ways, she smelled something again and blew up bucking again. I mean really bucking!!

Gus stood up in the saddle as she was bucking, lifted one leg over the saddle and jumped off. As he hit the ground, he turned to look at me and said, "I knew I shouldn't have gotten back on but did it because you said to! She was scared and lathered up. Gus has such a soft heart and love for these horses, as does Cole, he ran the hose over her to comfort, all the while with a tear in his eye feeling bad for her.

More for my 'Fans' album!! I have these all taped to my desk to read when I need encouragement!! Send me yours so I can add them!! Classy's last trip into the Wilderness!! Moe Mennenger Wooten. My little pony lover just finished book one. This is the first longe So proud! Moving on to the next one today.

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These are simply amazing, your books just open up a whole new world I am definitely interested in purchasing the entire set for my granddaughter, who incidentally, was born a horsewoman, in a child's body. Like me she eats, sleeps, thinks and dreams horses. You can please private message me your prices. Why are horses measured in hands? Thought this was a neat picture of a cowgirl!!

These true stories center around the author's experiences growing up on a ranch and raising and training her horses. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

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Debbie Page Illustrator. These true stories center around the author's experiences growing up on a ranch and raising and training her horses. Their goal is to allow the reader to experience ranch life in western America. These non-fiction books are enjoyed by readers from two to eighty-two.

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The rest of the titles in this series 13 so far go into Chick's offspring and friends. Luke is a beautiful, wise horse that has many interesting stories to tell. The first chapter of the book talks about ranch life and branding cattle. These books have had many very positive reviews from the top reviewers students, teachers, librarians, adults, and elderly. The author-written AR tests are free.

Rennaissance has tested the books for their reading level, 3. Young chilldren love having these stories read to them.

Luke-The First (ZC Horses Book 4)

Junior High and High School students love them, too. These books have twelve to thirty beautiful, western line drawings. All of the books in the series are very popular with both boys and girls and men and women. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 27 pages.

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