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  1. Dragonshout/Ranged fart not working :: South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ General Discussions
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  3. WATCH: Universal Orlando Has a New Naked Troll Character That Will Fart Glitter at You
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We had one cat that would far and immediately run from the room. Hi Mary, thank you for rescuing the cat! I rescued mine from the snowy forest a year ago and we are doing well together.

My cat had worms after his time in the wild, along with smelly gas and a cough also likely the worms so I would query that cause of gas in your situation. I think it could be the food, but just that there is food in her gut after being without, not the composition of the food unless she gets diarrhea. Best to you both! She usually does it just prior to pooping in her litter box. She is otherwise in perfect health. I just think some cats are more prone to farting than others. Pets are lovable livestock. One owns them. There is, however, something deeply wrong with anthropomorphizing animals, and with some people this practice becomes so advanced that it moves pretty close to a mental illness.

Animals are not people in little fur suits. Think of it this way: The cat I had before the one I have now lived to be 20 years old and she was a wonderful pet and companion. When she became so decrepit and sick that it was obvious that it was the end of her life, I had her euthanized humanely.

She was an animal and she was in pain and there was no reason to take extraordinary measures to extend her life any further. By comparison I would never attempt to euthanize a human-being. Whether people like it or not or want to believe it or not there is a universe a difference between a human being and an animal. For one thing, human-beings can choose how they behave. It cannot imagine being anything else than what it is.

It cannot do wrong and it cannot do right. It just is what it is regardless of the fact that human beings can modify the behavior patterns of any particular animal. I am a cat parent and appreciate them as they are, as cats. Terminally ill people opt to die humanely via pill. Various animals have a conscience, but we are naive to their feelings and thoughts, as far as having empathy, etc.

But, livestock? Pets, yes. I give him the best of everything that I can. But I am not his mother, nor is he livestock. I have him on a grain free wet food diet.

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Cuz it stinks. We might suggest bringing this up to your vet and seeing what type of food he recommends. Best of luck! Yes cats do fart, my tom farted quite loud when I picked him up from his basket and when he followed behind me he let rip another two times, luckily he used his litter tray moments after. As for the smell, they do stink, he jumped on my lap and let rip and can only say it smelt like a sulphur stink bomb.

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  • Hope your kitty feels better! It was worms!!! Huge ones, longer than her…shes purrfect now, but she almost died due to the worms! Also have her checked for feline leukemia. We had a cat who was a special needs cat, he had Spina bifida, asthma and allergies…he never farted when he was younger but as he aged 14 ish he would fart so loud at night while we were sleeping, it would scare the hell out of you and wake you up, you would thing..

    It was the funniest thing to hear a cat fart like that but unfortunately our baby had bowel cancer, he had a tumor on his bowels and this was causing all the gas, hes no longer with us. Just keep a eye on your cat if they do start this when they never did it before…could be something bigger maybe a vet visit to check to see no bad stuff going on. We are now fostering a tiny cat with belly issues and hes on Gastric food and WOW…he can clear a room, I had no idea a little cat could smell that bad.. I think its the change of food for him thats doing it…. Gotta love cats….

    I have fostered many kittens and for some of them the cheaper Friskies canned food can give them frequent and nasty smelling gas. NOT nice at all when you are trying to cuddle with them and socialize them. Only in our own home of course. I drew the line at being in the bathroom when the other is pooping. He thinks it is no big deal but I just find it too gross.

    Dragonshout/Ranged fart not working :: South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ General Discussions

    I have always thought farts are hilarious and, in fact, they remain the thing that always makes me laugh. I did not and would not fart in front of my boyfriend for the first 5 years. Then I fell pregnant and was too large and tired to keep getting up and going to the bathroom. Our son is now 8 and I rarely leave to use the bathroom. My husband and I are extremely comfortable farting in front of each other.

    Comments are always made after the fact, but there is no shame. We do have a toddler and are trying to make him comfortable with his body but the open-fart policy started long before! We have been together for nearly 20 years so are extremely comfortable with each other…having said that, I was raised in a fart-friendly home, which probably contributes to my lack of discomfort though, farting in public is obviously discouraged- I am not an animal!

    I come from a fart-friendly home, my husband did not. We have been together 23 years, and I think I just heard him start farting maybe 7 years ago, when our son was about 5. They are just too hilarious to stifle! Life is short! Laugh at farts! So glad shes my kid. Does anyone here remember the Drew Carey Show? If yes, do you remember the fart episode ? My now ex husband and I laughed about that one for days. We were also able to fart in front of each other very early into our relationship.

    My parents never farted or burped in front of me either. Some call it manners. But hey, I realize everyone is different, I happen to not like it. We laugh about it and make jokes. A year and a half after my husband and I started dating I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He was with me through the entire treatment — we were in our respective mid-twenties and early-thirties. I think as long as you and your partner can find a way to do that — to make sure that your sexual selves remain specific for each other — that things like farting in front of each other can just add to intimacy and comfort.

    First time commenter …of course it would be about this topic! Growing up with three older brothers, farting was a standard conversation topic around our dinner table. All for fart comfort in a relationship over here! It is disrespectful and rude to do it intentionally in front of another person.


    As is belching aloud, chewing with your mouth open, or loudly yawning in public. I have always been disappointed to find out someone finds bathroom humor funny. Wow lighten up. I fart in front of my boyfriend all the time. Nothing to be ashamed about. My boyfriend and I had only been dating a few weeks when I had a job interview on campus that I was really nervous for.

    WATCH: Universal Orlando Has a New Naked Troll Character That Will Fart Glitter at You

    He took me to it and while we waited, I leant on his shoulder, but as I moved, I accidentally let out an enormous fart…I was mortified but he found it hilarious, and ever since then, neither of us has cared at all! I come from a long line of very gassy and openly so women. Needless to say, the judge of a strong relationship has always been the fart test, and the earlier we can let them fly without anxiety and a stomach ache, the better the man.

    Everybody farts. And there is love. He did the same. It actually started with him farting so loudly in his sleep that it woke him up, and as I was in the same bed he apologised in the morning. I said it was no big deal, and from that moment on it was no longer awkward. With my friends, we do the same but talk a lot about poop.

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    I mean, there is nothing better than having a good poop in the morning when you wake up. Yes, we are that close. In high school, I was one of those type-A, overachiever kids who was up until 2 AM every night answering every question on every homework assignment. I was thus almost always exhausted during my first period classes, but I never allowed myself to fall asleep during class because I had this irrational fear that I would let one rip in my sleep. Fast forward to college. I finished whatever it was I was working on that night and conked out on his bed while he continued to work on whatever it was he was doing.

    When I woke up the next morning, he told me that I had basically been farting all night. I envisioned the look of shock on his face and thought it was just about the funniest thing that ever happened. Maybe this was due to some sort of subconscious sense of ease or comfort in his presence? Not the farting, but the lack of mortification when alerted to said farting.

    On his end from his end? I find this hilarious. I love him. To this day, I find it hilarious! My mom never farted in front of my dad or me until they got divorced. That really stuck with me and for some reason I started thinking it must be the key to a happy marriage. It was winter snowy, quiet, romantic and we texted each other from our respective rooms in the middle of the night, planning to meet in the kitchen to have some alone time to chat.

    In recoiling from the tickles my body let one loose, totally betraying me. I was mortified!! We both stared for a second and he started cracking up. Since it had to happen sooner or later, I guess that was a good place to start! But he will never let me live that down. When it happens, we always immediately make eye contact and usually laugh or smile at each other, because the we both know who did it! I had never really thought about it until reading this article, but I do appreciate this freedom with my partner. If anyone else is around though, we are definitely more discrete! My husband told people at his college reunion that living with his wellknownforhisfarts roommate had prepared him to be married to me!!

    Unless I was going to rent my own apartment during that time, we just had to learn to live with it. However, we will never pee or poop with the other person in the bathroom, even though, there is only one in our house. I am 9 months and I can not control it! So much for the honeymoon phase! My best friend and I would ask each other if we could fart in front of our boyfriends; it was a way to gauge how comfortable we felt around them.

    We still laugh over most farts and cry over the particularly stinky ones. My 4 sisters and I use farts as a sign of how deep you are in a relationship. When I started dating my boyfriend he asked at what point would it be OK for him to fart in front of me. I will only fart outside or in the other room, but apparently a few months ago my partner woke up because I farted in my sleep, and then sleep-giggled.


    He said it took him several minutes to stop laughing and fall back to sleep. I have 3 boys under 5, there is no end to the fart, poop discussion. The battle had begun. Every time I opened a cabinet, I found something else Chepe had destroyed. A pack of seaweed, a bottle of vegetable oil, a tetrapak of chicken broth, a gallon of engine oil, a box of pasta, a Tupperware of flour, a container of milk, a bottle of boat soap, a bag of crackers.

    Each discovery of demolition added fuel to my fury. I mixed roach poison with peanut butter and smeared it on Tupperware Chepe seemed to have a propensity for Tupperware, having already disposed of 3 containers. I piled the baking soda concoction in corners all over the galley. I arranged a trail of cheerios leading up to the edge of a fork, balanced precariously over a bucket of bleach water. I turned our galley into a game of mousetrap. Except the mouse was a rat. With a vengeance. I was lying in bed that night thinking through my battle plans when I was suddenly struck by an urgent question: Do rats fart?

    What if those piles of sugary baking soda are really just an unsatisfying midnight snack for rats, delicious but full of empty calories? More questions came tumbling into mind. How much roach poison does it take to kill a rat? How high can rats jump? How long can they swim? I had neglected the number one rule to a successful battle campaign: know thy enemy! It was time for some serious research, and I knew just where to turn. Luckily, Google knows me well and kindly corrected me. They do, it turns out. Rats can jump two feet vertically and four feet horizontally.

    They can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. Some species can swim a mile, tread water for three days, and hold their breath for three minutes. In the US, there are as many rats as people. They reach sexual maturity in two months, and can reproduce every three weeks. Their teeth grow fast, up to five inches per year, and never stop growing. To keep those gnashers under control, rats chew on pretty much everything, including cinder blocks, aluminum sheeting, glass and lead.

    Those gnarly fangs are harder than iron, which I suppose is why Chepe chewed through my plastic Tupperware container like it was a stick of butter in the tropics. My goal was to evict Chepe before our guests arrived, but he proved a worthy adversary and we were still duking it out when friends from Seattle joined us for the week. I was frazzled, and likely looked somewhat strung out as I jammed boxes of pasta into the oven and packed bags of cereal into the fridge.

    Then we went sailing, which was a refreshing respite from the Rat Battle. That night I pulled every food item not housed in a glass jar or aluminum can out of the cabinets and piled it into a duffel bag. This bounty included, as testament to our overly well-stocked boat: 17 plastic jars of peanut butter, 24 boxes of almond milk, 12 bags of chips, 12 tetrapaks of tomato sauce and a gallon of olive oil.